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This page shows all the pictures which are currently for sale

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To purchase one of these original artworks, please phone Seb on 07590983756 / 01736740327 or email: sebwestgallery@hotmail.co.uk   UK delivery is free on all originals over 100.


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Semi Abstract Paintings.

This is the latest direction my work has taken. Most of these mixed media pieces are reliefs on board and incorporate silver and gold leaf along with a variety of other materials and textures.


Triumvirate II  250 


Triumvirate III  250 


Tregerthen Boulders  224


Boulders on Carn Scathe  295



Porthzennor II  375


Rinsey  450 SOLD


Porthmeor West  450


Porthmeor East  450


Golden Rocks near Porthgwarra  450



Island Rocks  595.


Bay with Boulders  595


Treen from Porthcurno 695


Bay with Boulders II  795


Gurnard's Head 795


Vessacks (near Porthcurno)  795



Morvah II 895


Towards Porthgwarra  1500



Emerging  1200


Emerging II  1200


Porth III  2250


Porthchapel III (Large)  2500


Porth II 2750


Tregerthen Cliffs 3500




Other reliefs, mixed media and abstract pictures.

These pieces are made using a variety of materials and techniques.


Into the Deep  495


 Fractoid  1750





Painted Linocut Reliefs.

I have been producing linocut reliefs since 1991 but I have recently stopped producing this type of work.


Mousehole Harbour



St. Ives Rooftops

60,000 SOLD


Lugger on Porthgwidden

2500 SOLD


Mini Exibition - Carn Galver.

I have recently made several drawing trips to Carn Galver hill neer Pendeen. From these drawings I have made several inks and paintings. I have decided to compile them all together as a mini exhibition.


Drawing I  75


Drawing II  75


Drawing III  75


Drawing V  75


Drawing VI  75


Drawing VIII  75


Ink IV  85


Ink VI  85


Carn Galver I  550


Carn Galver III  550


Carn Galver VI  550




These are smaller paintings usually painted in situ. (Though sometimes finished in my studio.) They often become the inspiration for bigger pieces.


Zennor Twilight  350


Porthmeor Shadows  350


Gwithian Reflections  350


Porthmeor Reflections  350





Pictures can be paid for in instalments. Payment can be arranged by BACS, standing order, Paypal or cheque.

Buy with confidence. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase I will arrange collection and give a full refund.

To see some of Seb's recent Back Catalogue Click Here

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